The Nature of Talent

Michael Atkins
4 min readMay 26, 2021

“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.” Brenda Ueland

We have discovered plenty of ingredients for success. These ingredients come together to help you learn how to navigate the vast oceans of the unknown.

All the famous writers, actors, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, and content creators have followed their own journey. They are recognizable to us right now because they have stayed true to their unique nature.

Be yourself sounds so cliché, but it became one because it is relevant. This message resonates with everyone collectively, yet at the same time it seems written only for you individually. It is similar to a famous book that everybody loved, and you thought it impossible for you to love it too. But as soon as you read the book in private, you couldn’t believe that your sentiment was the same as everybody else.

A piece of creation should connect with the universal, and it should also connect with the individual. If that piece happens to be great, it will resonate with everyone effortlessly.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t believe in talent as an innate ability to do something. No matter if we are talking about art, sports, or anything else.

Personally, I think talent is a skill acquired over a certain period, and an individual’s talent depends on many factors, both internal and external.

I could further discuss that content creation is about perception and, over time, how people understand, analyze, and derive pleasure from the content changes. The way they interpret the world around them, and thus the content, changes as well. Simply put, content creation is subjective.

There is a lot of pressure on content creators to develop a vision or a style so that their content can deliver a specific message. Nowadays, content creators feel that they need to live extraordinary lives to create unique content. This is simply not true.

Content creation has a lot more to do with your vision of the world than it has to do with what world you are trying to describe. It is more about the how than it is about the what.

That said, I believe that every individual can create amazing content given enough practice, time…



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